Helping Pasadena Compete for
Job-Producing Businesses

Pasadena currently lacks an adequate supply of modern, Class A commercial office space to attract significant new employers to the city. By creating more than 600,000 square feet of beautiful office space in a low-rise, smart, urban architectural style, 100 West Walnut will change that dynamic and support Pasadena’s ongoing efforts to attract quality, job-producing employers. According to an expert analysis, more than 2,100 full-time employees will be calling 100 West Walnut their workplace address, earning a total of $250 million in wages each year.

Generating Long-Term General Fund Revenue for the City

100 West Walnut is projected to generate up to $1 million a year in new general fund revenues for the City of Pasadena, according to an economic benefit analysis conducted by Kosmont Companies. These revenues will support critical city services, such as police and fire protection.

Creating Thousands of Construction Jobs

The development of 100 West Walnut is expected to generate 4,800 construction-related jobs over the next six years, generating $850 million in economic output. Our team supports the objectives presented in the City’s First Source Local Hiring program, and looks forward to reaching out to Pasadena-based businesses and community organizations to develop partnership opportunities for the construction of the project.

Continuing the Rose Bowl Shuttle

The team at 100 West Walnut will continue to provide on-site parking for the Rose Bowl, as well as accommodate the Rose Bowl shuttle. This is an important requirement that will incentivize Rose Bowl guests to park in our lots and away from local neighborhoods.

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