Activating Fair Oaks Avenue

In 2004, the City of Pasadena adopted the Central District Specific Plan in order to implement a compelling design vision for the city’s core. The team behind the 100 West Walnut project is proposing a mixed-use development along Fair Oaks that fulfills the aspirations of the Plan, which says “mixed-use infill along the street edge would better integrate this area with its surroundings.”

Connecting to Old Pasadena

Brick facades. Iron grilles. Turn-of-the-century buildings that perfectly complement the surrounding streets and sidewalks. Old Pasadena has a unique character that people know and love.

Though the 100 West Walnut site is just a block away, it lacks a meaningful connection to Old Pasadena. The new project will extend the look and feel of the neighborhood to the north, with beautiful new landscaping along Union Street that connects the project site with historic Old Pasadena, as well as street-level retail that invites pedestrians all the way north to Walnut Street. 

Advancing the Bennett Plan's Vision

While much of Edward Bennett’s original vision for Pasadena has been implemented, one unrealized piece is the western extension of Holly Street from Pasadena Avenue, providing a direct visual link to City Hall. Now, nearly 90 years later, 100 West Walnut will complete the extension of Holly Street, achieving Bennett’s vision for this east-west thoroughfare later called an “indispensable axis” for the city.

Guided by Urban Design Principles

100 West Walnut has been designed to embrace a number of core urban design principles, such as the following:

Enhance the pedestrian experience. 100 West Walnut will bring new life to its surroundings and celebrate the pedestrian experience. The project calls for extending Old Pasadena’s thriving commercial district northward along Fair Oaks Avenue, with a vibrant retail presence at the street level and high-quality residential units above.

Promote mixed-use development. By creating a mix of opportunities for local commercial, residential and retail uses on the 23-acre site, 100 West Walnut will convert a single-use site into a modern, sustainable, live-work neighborhood in the city’s core.

Connect to public transit. Pasadena's Central District Specific Plan envisioned transit-oriented development for this property. The Gold Line Memorial Park Station is just a short walk away from 100 West Walnut, allowing residents, workers and visitors to access the rest of Pasadena and the greater Los Angeles region without relying on private transportation.

Create quality public open space. 100 West Walnut will include a beautiful public plaza, creating communal open space for use by residents, office-goers, and the community.